Where to Find Jaime at Norwescon 42

Norwescon 42 is coming up soon! This is a fun SFF convention in the Seattle area that takes place over Easter weekend (April 18-21). I’ve attended this con a few times, and am super excited that this year I’ve been invited to participate as a panelist. Below is my schedule, though you can likely find me around the con outside of these hours.


#OwnVoices – Representation & Tokenism in SF/F Fandom

12:00pm – 1:00pm @ Cascade 11

Representation is important in geek spaces, from guests to attendees. Being able to have your own voice represented matters, but sometimes marginalized people are used as tokens or pawns in a larger space they do not control. There are many varied reasons for this. We’ll discuss how to recognize this when it’s happening and what to do about it.

K Tempest Bradford (M), Jaime O. Mayer, J. F. High, Tess Wilder


Stop Trying To Make “Fetch” Happen

3:00pm – 4:00pm @ Evergreen 1 & 2

Calling all teen attendees and authors of all ages for an interactive discussion about what older folks mess up worst in their representation of youth culture. We’ll tackle topics including clothing and hairstyles, school subjects and extracurricular activities, and how the use of slang can go so very wrong, so very quickly.

Spencer Ellsworth (M), Marta Murvosh, Jaime O. Mayer, Lisa Mantchev


Welcome to Slush

4:00pm – 5:00pm @ Cascade 9

We all hear about the dreaded slush pile, but is it really something to be dreaded? What are some tips and hints to get your story pulled from the slush and sent up the ladder?

Jaime O. Mayer (M), Coral Moore, Cory Skerry, Neil Clarke, Yilin Wang


Writing Is Like Having Homework (Until You Die)

7:00pm – 8:00pm @ Evergreen 1 & 2

Movies, TV shows, and yes, even books romanticize the writing process, but for most of us, it’s like being back in school. But who’s teaching the classes? Who’s grading the papers? And who assigned this group project no one wanted? Come hear what writers actually have to do to make the grade in the publishing industry, and why your B- might be someone else’s A+.

Fonda Lee (M), Lisa Mantchev, Jaime O. Mayer, G.S/Gabrielle Prendergast



Hook ‘Em While They’re Young

7:00pm – 8:00pm @ Cascade 12

Exposure to genre fiction starts with picture books about magic purple crayons and anthropomorphic objects and animals, then continues through middle grade and on through young adult. Come hear our panel of experts discuss how fantasy and science fiction feature heavily in books for young readers and how that story you’ve been trying to write might just be meant for kids.

Marta Murvosh (M), Fonda Lee, G.S/Gabrielle Prendergast, Jaime O. Mayer, Lisa Mantchev



“On This Special Episode” in YA Lit

1:00pm – 2:00pm @ Cascade 12

When young adult authors address important topics like suicide, addiction, mental health, sexuality, and racial tension, it must be done with respect and skill. Come learn how to include big issues facing today’s teen readers without messing it up or bashing the reader over the head with the After School Special hammer.

Marta Murvosh (M), Jaime O. Mayer, Ren Cummins


New Story + Where to Find Me This Summer

Big news! My #ownvoices short story about two fishkid siblings with differing views on adoption is up at Cicada Magazine! You should be able to read the story here.  Gentle reminder that though this is an #ownvoices story it is still a work of fiction. Also, I wrote this before my brother mentioned moving so that’s total coincidence 🙂

The 2018 SFWA Nebula Conference is coming up fast! It’s also my first time being on conference programming, so please excuse me while I flail about. My brief schedule is as follows:

Friday, May 18:

3:30 pm in Marquis C- The Joys and Hazards of Writing #ownvoices Fiction

5:00 pm in Marquis B- Language To Use When Writing and Speaking About Disability

I’ll be there all weekend and would love to meet up with my fellow SFF friends if you’re available.

From July 20-22, I’ll be on the programming for the Cascade Writers Three-Day intensive workshop in Tacoma, Washington. I’ll update when I have an idea of times/panels.

I’ve blogged about this org and the workshop in the past—it’s wonderful. It’s a smaller workshop that offers Milford-style critiques as well as both craft and business track programming. It’s a great way to build your writer community. Because of its smaller size, it’s easier to meet everyone and the vibe is a bit more relaxed. I found some of my critique partners here when I first attended back in 2015.

In August I’ll also be attending Worldcon 76 in San Jose. This will be my second Worldcon after previously attending Sasquan back in 2015. It’s a hugenormous convention and I’m excited to go and get my nerd on. Come say hi if you’re around!