Reading Plans for 2021

Well, 2020 was a pretty terrible year. I won’t dwell on that here because surely anyone reading this has been inundated with 2020 feelings from every angle. Mask up, stay distanced, stay safe. Onward to 2021 and some of the reading challenges I’m planning to do. If I get really wild, I’ll even update my progress more than once a year here! (Ha. A lofty goal)

Starting things off with the Book Riot Read Harder Challenge. I’ve been doing this one for a couple of years now and 2020 was the first time I completed all of the prompts. I quite like the range in prompts here and emphasis on BIPOC authors. Lots of overlap with the other challenges. #ReadHarder

Reading Women Challenge put on by the Reading Women podcast is focusing on international authors. 24 prompts plus 4 bonus authors. I like the theme and inclusion of several translation prompts.  #ReadingWomenChallenge

POPSUGAR Reading Challenge is a big challenge with 50 prompts—40 standard and 10 “advanced” ones. I like the variety, and the advanced prompts are good for tackling the TBR pile. Is this it? Have we finally reached the year that I read Moby Dick? #PopSugarReadingChallenge

And finally, the AtoZ Reading Challenge 2021 being hosted by Katie Dermody over on the StoryGraph. I’m sure it’s not the only one since it’s a straightforward challenge: read a book with a title starting with each letter of the modern English alphabet. I’m going to attempt to do this without using any titles that begin with an article.

Missing this year (so far) is the KCLS 10 to Try challenge, which as of writing this (ETA: They did put together a list for 2021 here) hasn’t put out a new list for 2021. If they do, I’ll—maybe—remember to update this post or make a new one to add them in.

I’ve been trying out the beta version of the StoryGraph and really like using it to track my reading challenge progress. It’s a site (also has an app) for tracking your reading and helping you find books based on your reading preferences. Not as polished as goodreads (it’s still in beta!) but coming along nicely. It officially launches in January.

I would be remiss if I closed this out without mentioning Library Extension, “The #1 Browser Extension that lets you instantly see book and e-book availability from your local library.” This extension has made using my library so much easier. Has it saved me money? Hard to say since I still buy a lot of ebooks, but I’m more willing to try new authors/genres and that’s led me to buy their books/backlist many times. It’s free to use and works well. Only works with Firefox, Chrome, and Edge.

All right everyone. Go read! If I’m less lazy, I might update this blog one more time with the list and recap of the books I read for this year’s 10 to Try and Book Riot challenges. No promises.