2017 Recap and 2018 Plans

2017. Politically…bleh. But, on a personal and professional note it had a lot of highlights.

  • I went to Yellowstone National Park for the first time and experienced -25F temps…
  • I went to both the Arctic and the Antarctic. I saw polar bears and penguins and lots and lots of beautiful ice…
  • IMG_0065
  • I went to beautiful Assiniboine Provincial Park and photographed in weather from overcast and snowing to blue skies and dry…
  • I turned thirty…
  • I got published! Multiple nonfiction pieces, and my first short story sale: linkies here
  • I finished my novel…
  • I pitched my novel at the Surrey International Writers’ Conference to two fabulous agents, and they asked for pages!…

I’m probably forgetting some things, and there are others that I can’t quite share yet, but overall, a big year for me.

Going forward…

Week 1-Open Posting

Week 1- Open Posting. A shot of Lake Magog and the mountains surrounding it. Taken in September 2017, a few days after the featured photo up top.

I’m going to focus on only one photography challenge, the Bob Noble one (not sure how well that link will work as it’s a closed facebook group, but I think people are still welcome to join?). I made it a about 2/3 of the way through the 2017 challenge. The schedule is more relaxed this year, which will hopefully help me get all the way through it.

This year, a personal photography goal is to get through processing photos from my trips. I have a woefully neglected smugmug site where I’ll be putting some photos, as well as some on my facebook page. I haven’t been on flickr much so I’m hesitant to point people there to see my photos.

2017 was the year I devoted to the Tempest Challenge, where you “take One Year off from reading fiction by straight, white, cisgender male authors and instead read fiction by authors who come from minority or marginalized groups.” I very much enjoyed this challenge and could/should devote a post to my picks from the last year. I highly recommend it.

This year, I’m doing two reading challenges that somewhat overlap. The Book Riot 2018 Read Harder challenge, and the #BadAssReadingChallenge2018 (facebook group). A tentative plan for the blog is to do monthly recaps of what I’ve read. I got back into comics/graphic novels during the Tempest Challenge, and am happy to see a few themes in the Book Riot challenge devoted to them.


Onward into 2018!

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