Cats & the Writing Process

I’m feeling a bit lazy about writing a “real” blog post, so this is more of an excuse to post pictures of cats and dogs. But I’ll tie it into writing. Sort of.

Cats are great. Who doesn’t want a warm fuzzball that provides companionship yet doesn’t depend on you letting it out to use the bathroom? Except that cats are invaders. Invaders of space. Unfailingly, invaders of the space you’re currently occupying despite numerous other spaces begging to be invaded.

Sometimes they can be thwarted. Like with hand-knit beds and heating pads. It’s still on the desk, close enough for petting, but not in the “interrupts your groove” zone.

Equal opportunity, dogs are cool too. Past a certain size they can’t invade your lap space.

See, 4 months old and Toby was well on his way to being plain too big. Not a lap invader.

Well, a lap invader but only when I’m on the ground. Not a hindrance to the writing process except for whining, excessive noise, needing to pee, wanting to go outside, etc.

Little dogs are cool too. They’re better at invading space because it’s much harder to deny their size. And who could say no to Benny’s face?

Plus, sweaters. It’s harder to justify putting cats in sweaters.

I mean, most cats don’t wear sweaters.


Oh wait.

Well, to be fair, she’s only modeling this sweater because I didn’t have the intended canine recipient handy.

Anyway, cats and the writing process. Sometimes things click along just fine. Words are happening, whether through the pen or the keyboard. Writing can be a bit of a lonely endeavor, but it’s hard to feel alone when you’ve got a quiet friend sitting by (on you) exuding cheerful encouragement.

The lap’s not a bad place. I can type or write around Beth in my lap without much trouble. Get into a rhythm and the writing flows. It’s a bit harder when she doesn’t want the lap, or it’s already occupied, or who knows why–she’s a cat. Sometimes banishing tempting her with the bed works. Unless this happens.

Never mind the fact that there are a million bed-like areas in this house, if the immediate bed is occupied and daddy isn’t around to be bothered as an alternative, then oh dear cat there will be no peace. It’s hard to write when this happens…

Or splaying over the keyboard for you first draft typists. This is when cats interfere with the writing process. It happens near daily in this house.

Hope you enjoyed this not-really-a-blog-post where I rambled about animals.

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