Jaime O. Mayer lives in Seattle, Washington, with three needy cats and a patient husband. While she enjoys reading across the science fiction and fantasy spectrum, she has a soft spot for sword and sorcery. Jaime is currently working on honing her craft with short fiction and outlining for a novel.

She has a B.A. from Whitman College and a J.D. from Seattle University School of Law. In the middle of her 2L year, Jaime was in a car accident. Long story short, she realized that she couldn’t keep waiting for “someday” to get serious about writing. After a reluctant return to law school, she also enrolled in an online writing course with Gotham Writers Workshop. It was her first time taking a creative writing class and putting her work out there for serious critiques. She was nervous but had a rewarding experience and learned a lot. Jaime has been writing on a regular basis (finally!) ever since.

Waving her geek flag proudly, Jaime enjoys knitting, gaming (computer, not console), and is an adult-starter on the violin attempting to play video game music. Admittedly a bit weird, she prefers writing first drafts long-hand with a fountain pen.

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